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Popular literature

PIER researchers periodically write informational pieces in popular southern California magazines, such as Pacific Coast Sportfishing and the Western Outdoor News.  These articles are intended to provide stakeholders with biological information on a particular species and also highlight some of the ongoing research at PIER.   

To read a specific piece, click one of the links below.   

PIER featured articles

White seabass research at PIER

Catch and release fishing practices

Thresher shark survivorship studies

Roosterfish survivorship and movement studies

               PIER species specific information pieces 

Abalone Leopard shark
California scorpionfish Spotfin croaker
Chub mackerel Market squid
Opah Bigeye thresher shark
Jumbo squid California barracuda
Swordfish Wahoo
Roosterfish California sheephead
Giant seabass Eastern Pacific bonito
California halibut Barred sand bass
Albacore Kelp Bass
Bluefin tuna Striped marlin
Yellowtail Mako shark
Dorado (mahi mahi) Ocean whitefish
California corbina Barred surfperch
Snook White Seabass


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