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Ongoing White Seabass Work at PIER

Information on age and growth is critical for population analyses and modern day stock assessments. For most fish species, age, growth and size at first maturity are critical parameters for ensuring that a resource is being managed sustainably.

The white seabass, is an iconic species that supports vast recreational and commercial fisheries off California and Baja California, Mexico.  Its population off California has fluctuated greatly over the past century with factors such as overfishing and poor recruitment making its management extremely difficult.

To improve management and begin to fill important data gaps, PIER initiated a white seabass archival tagging program in 2007.  This work has continued to expand with over 500 archival tags deployed to date.  Additionally, PIER has initiated several supportive studies that address other data gaps that have been highlighted as important in the most recent stock assessment.



Age, Growth and Reproduction:  PIER has formed a partnership with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to assess the size at first maturity, a parameter that was used to determine the current 28-inch minimum size for retention.  PIER is also working on an age validation study with the researchers from the Sosa-Nishizaki Laboratory at CICESE, in Ensenada.

PIER’s White Seabass work would not be possible without the support from Tom Pfleger and the George T. Pfleger Foundation and The Offield Family Foundation.

To read more about PIER’s White Seabass Research click here.


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