California Scorpionfish

Aquarium Inhabitant Bio

Sculpin / Scorpaena guttata


A beautifully color-patterned bottom dweller. Can be identified by a rust red coloration mottled with blotches of brown, white, pink, and black. Mouth and eyes are large, with spiny fins and fleshy projections on the head and back. One 9” California scorpionfish present in this exhibit.

Habitat and distribution

Most commonly found in shallow rocky areas near coastlines and islands. Prefer structure such as caves and crevices. Ranges from central California to southern Baja and in the Gulf of California.


Fishes, crustaceans (e.g. crabs and shrimp), and molluscs (e.g. squid and octopus)

Fun Fact

Fishers be warned to use extreme caution when handling this fish! The sharp fin spines on the back of the California scorpionfish can inflict a painful venomous sting.