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International Research

PIER, is a non-profit research institute that is dedicated to the advancement of sustainable fisheries management through scientific research and education. The PIER team is made up of dedicated scientists and staff that have spent their entire lives on the ocean. PIER supports healthy vibrant fisheries and embraces healthy and responsible fishing practices.

PIER continues to work with local and international scientists and resource managers to identify responsible and sustainable options for both our conservation and fishing communities. PIER is working on a Federal award from the NOAA Bycatch Reduction and Engineering Program (NMFS NA23NMF4720407) that explores the use of artificial baits in the Mexican longline fishery.  The project explores ways to increase gear selectivity and also develops an international collaboration that aims to share bycatch mitigation and gear development research with our neighbors in Mexico. PIER is also working with the research team in the Sosa-Nishizaki Laboratory at CICESE on opah and white seabass age, growth and reproductive studies.