Round Stingray

Aquarium Inhabitant Bio

Urobatis halleri


A small ray with a painful sting. Can be identified by dark brown or black coloration with lighter yellow or tan spots. Body shape is near perfectly round, with a short yet thick barbed tail. Length up to 12 inches (not including tail). One 12” stingray present in this exhibit.

Habitat and distribution

Most commonly found in coastal areas with soft bottoms of sand or mud, and in bays and estuaries. The stingray in this exhibit will often hide by agitating the sand beneath it to bury itself, leaving only its eyes and Spiracles, or small openings through which water is brought into the gills, exposed above the sand. Ranges from northern California to Panama


Mollusks, crustaceans, and worms living within the sand.

Fun Fact

The sting from a round ray is far from fun. However, soaking the wound in the hottest water a person can tolerate is often said to provide the best relief from the painful sting. To avoid stingrays while wading, shuffle your feet along the ocean bottom.