White Seabass

Aquarium Inhabitant Bio

Atractoscion nobilis


The body of the white seabass is elongate, and somewhat compressed. It has a large mouth with a rows of small teeth at the roof. The color of the seabass can vary from bluish to gray from above with dark speckling, becoming silver below. There is one juvenile white sea bass in the aquarium.

Habitat and distribution

The white seabass range from Magdalena Bay, Baja California to San Francisco. Some have even been found as north as Juneau Alaska. Adults use many habitats including rocky reefs, and local kelp beds. White seabass can be found travelling in schools or solitary individuals.


The diet of white seabass includes fishes, especially anchovies and sardines. They will feed on squid when available. Larger individuals will prey on bigger bait fish like pacific mackerel.

Fun Fact

Although deceiving by its name, the white sea bass is actually not a bass at all. It is actually related to the family of croaker and drum. Males have been known to make loud croaking noises.